Molykote 111

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This Molykote 111 silicone grease works great to lubricate O-rings and other seals to make sure that they do their job!

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Silicone grease lubricates O-rings and other seals to make sure that they do their job. It helps the rubber slide and fills in any tiny imperfections that might otherwise leak. We’ve evaluated a number of grease options and we’re confident that Molykote 111 is THE grease to use in most situations. It’s compatible with most plastics, has a wide operating temperature range, and is suitable for general purpose use in water.

This is our recommended grease for:

O-rings on WetLink Penetrators
O-rings on Watertight Enclosures
O-rings literally anywhere in your application
This grease is suitable for food-safe applications, but there are some applications we definitely don’t recommend it for including:

For greasing baking pans
For getting that “greaser” hairstyle
For jobs that require elbow grease
(These are all jokes)
The grease is available in a 6 g one-time use package or in a 150 g resealable tube, which will probably last you a lifetime.


1 x 150 g tube or 6 g pillow pack of silicone grease

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150g tube, 6g pillow pack