Pressure Relief Valve Backfill Adapter


This Backfill Adapter is for use with the Pressure Relief Valve and the Vacuum Plug to fill an enclosure with an inert gas or to pull an enclosure to vacuum while maintaining a seal!

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The Backfill Adapter enables advanced features of the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and watertight enclosures.

We all know water and electronics don’t mix! Keeping things in a watertight enclosure is usually enough to solve that, but there are some applications where you want to take that to the next level by sealing an enclosure at vacuum or replacing the air inside with a dry, inert gas like nitrogen. This reduces the risk of condensation build-up in the enclosure that could fog the camera view or damage sensitive electronics.

When screwed onto the PRV, the Backfill Adapter seals to the PRV and pulls opens the valve, creating a sealed path into the enclosure that can be removed without breaking the seal. This allows you to fill the enclosure with an inert gas or to seal an enclosure while maintaining vacuum.

We don’t expect most users to need this capability, but it is an option for any enclosure that uses a PRV!

In addition to this adapter, you’ll need a vacuum pump to pull the enclosure to vacuum, and if you want to backfill it, you’ll need hoses, valves, and a source of gas. We don’t have a product or guide for that yet, so we’ll leave you to figure out the details!

1 x PRV Backfill Adapter
1 x O-ring