Blue Vision 21.5

Blue Vision 21.5

Blue Vision 21.5 by IGP

The BLUE VISION 21.5 includes all hardware and peripherals to control the Blue ROV2. Thanks to the powerful battery, it is network-independent and autonomous as the vehicle. The extendable trolley allows maximum mobility.

The 21.5″ screen is characterized by a particularly high luminance of up to 1600 candelas / square meter, which makes the system ideal even in direct sunlight.

All components are robustly built and have their fixed place. This ensures rapid commissioning of the system.

The BLUE VISION 21.5 can also be used for other applications in the field. On the computer is a full Windows 10 installed. Four USB interfaces are accessible from the outside in the standard, optionally further interfaces can be added.

The suitcase has space for accommodating further hardware components.

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