Hull inspection by ROV service – a flexible and cost effective alternative

Who we are

IGP is a Hamburg / Germany based dealer and operator in the marine technology business. Founded 1981 as a distribution company for marine technology products. Evolved to a service operator and technical development company, based on strong partnership to manufacturers all over the world. All subsea vehicle service operations under Blue ROV Solutions, a joint initiative with GEO ENGINEERING from Bremen / Germany.

Blue ROV Solutions for ship operators

We at BlueROV Solutions want to make life easier, especially for ship operators. By offering new technical solutions to well known daily challenges, we help you save human resources, budget and time.

Our services to you (examples):

  • Underwater safety inspections, e.g. for damage control and object classification
  • Material testing
  • Leak detection
  • Propulsion and rudder inspection
  • Biofouling inspection
  • Inspection of ballast water tanks

» We aim to achieve full in-water-survey and listing with Classification companies by end of 2020.

How we do it


  • dedicated to the services described
  • all relevant equipment is ready on board
  • equipped with ultra-high resolution camera systems, including laser-guided optical gauge for scaled pictures, laser profiler for sub-mm-measurements
  • autonomously running on battery power
  • mobilized in less than 10 minutes. No further infrastructure required
IGP BlueRov - How we do it

IGP BlueRov - Services include...

Services include:

  • visual inspection on site  (additional sensor / instrument on demand, e.g. thickness gauge)
  • detailed reporting, incl. video tracks and documentation
  • Advanced digital image processing / photogrammetry – 3D modeling, sub-mm measurements, where required

Key advantages for ship operators

  • We are cost effective – only 1-2 persons + equipment in a box
  • We are efficient – system takes less than 10 min. to get started
  • We are flexible – we go wherever you‘ll need us
  • We take no impact on the environment
  • No safety issues – ony the robot goes to dive
  • Real time impressions for owner guided inspections
  • Great data management – high quality data available for further investigation and periodic inspections
  • We grow with your challenges

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