M6 Cable Penetrator for 4-5mm Cable


This is the penetrator used on the Lumen Subsea Lights, Ping and Newton Gripper. M6 thread. Comes with O-ring, but not with a nut.

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This cable penetrator is a simple solution to waterproofing your robot. It’s basically a bolt with a hole that the thruster cable can be glued (potted) into to provide a waterproof connection through watertight enclosures, boxes, panels, etc. This penetrator was designed for an M6 threaded hole and the device side of the Lumen Light, Newton Subsea Gripper and Ping Echosounder. There is no corresponding nut available.

We primarily recommend the WetLink Thixotropic Potting Compound, which can be applied in one step and provides a depth rating up to 300 meters. Alternatively, we recommend Loctite Marine Epoxy and the Potting Kit to complete assembly.


  • Anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and high strength.
  • Captive O-ring face seal that works on any smooth surface.
  • Wrench flats for easy tightening.
  • Works for cables smaller than 4mm as well.

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