M10 Enclosure Vent and Plug


This vent allows trapped pressure to escape from an enclosure after it has been closed. It includes a threaded plug with a double O-ring seal to open and close the vent.

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When the end caps and flanges are installed on our watertight enclosures, the air inside is compressed a bit and tries to push the enclosure open. This vent allows you to quickly and easily release the pressure and then seal things back up. You can also use it to vacuum-check your enclosure, ensuring there’s no leaks. It’s based on our standard M10 threaded bulkhead design with an added “plug” that fits in to seal it. The plug is sealed with double O-rings and screws into the bulkhead.

Anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and high strength
O-ring seal that works on any smooth surface
Threaded plug can be tightly secured

1 x Vent Bulkhead
1 x Vent Plug
1 x M10 Nut
1 x O-ring for Bulkhead
2 x O-ring for Vent Plug

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