M10 Cable Penetrator for 4-5mm Cable


This cable penetrator is designed for 4-5mm diameter cables and makes a waterproof, high-pressure seal to pass the thruster cable into a water-tight enclosure. Each set includes a bolt, nut, and o-ring. Some assembly required.

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This cable penetrator is a simple solution to waterproofing your robot. It’s basically a bolt with a hole that the thruster cable can be glued into to provide a waterproof connection through water-tight enclosures, boxes, panels, etc. This 4-5mm size is intended for smaller cables like the [placeholder-163-295] used on the Lumen and Newton Subsea Gripper.

We primarily recommend the WetLink Thixotropic Potting Compound, which can be applied in one step and provides a depth rating up to 300 meters. Alternatively, we recommend the WetLink Thixotropic 80A Potting Compound to complete assembly.


  • Anodized aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and high strength.
  • Captive O-ring face seal that works on any smooth surface.
  • Wrench flats for easy tightening.
  • Multiple inner diameters to secure the cable jacket but leave room for potting compound.
  • Works for cables smaller than 5mm as well.

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