JST GH to DF13 Adapter, 4-pin


This JST GH to DF13 adapter board adapts 4-pin I2C connections between the DF13 and JST GH connector types. We have changed the connector used on our pressure and temperature sensors from DF13 to JST GH in May 2022, and you can use this adapter to convert from one type to the other. Please check out the Blue Robotics Connector Standard for more information about standard pin configurations for connections between various devices!

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Before May 2022, our I2C pressure and temperature sensors came preinstalled with a DF13 connector. Starting in May 2022, that has been updated to a JST GH connector.

This adapter allows you to convert from one connector type to the other, making older sensors compatible with new hardware and newer sensors compatible with old hardware! You may need this if you’ve designed the original DF13 connector into your product design and need to be able to continue building it with newly purchased sensors.

The PCB comes with DF13 to DF13 and JST GH to JST GH cables in 100mm lengths


1 x 4-pin DF13 to JST GH Adapter Board
1 x 4-pin DF13 to DF13 Cable (100mm)
1 x 4-pin JST GH to JST GH Cable (100mm)

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Dimensions 0,71 × 0,51 cm