I2C Bus Splitter


The I2C Bus Splitter allows you to connect more I2C devices by sharing the same bus. It has header pin holes, DF13 connectors, and JST-GH connectors for abundant compatibility with different devices.

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The I2C Bus Splitter allows the connection of more I2C devices by sharing the same bus. This enables sensors like the Bar30 and Celsius to be installed on the same I2C bus.

The bus splitter has several different types of connectors to allow for forwards and backwards compatibility with various sensors and autopilots. There are four DF-13 connectors, four JST-GH connectors, and through-holes for one 0.1″ header connector.

Just plug any of the eight ports into a Pixhawk or compatible autopilot’s I2C line with the provided cable and the remaining ports on the splitter will be ready to use for slave devices I2C.

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