Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (3″ Series)

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This affordable configurable watertight container is great for use on ROVs, AUVs, battery housings, instrument housings, remote sensing, and other marine robotics applications. Modular end-caps give you options – clear and flat end-caps with holes for cable penetrators and sensors.

Please note! This product is undergoing a revision and an upgrade is coming soon!

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This customizable watertight enclosure is perfect for use on ROVs, AUVs, marine vehicles, and other harsh environments. This enclosure is part of the 3″ Series and has a 3″ inner diameter. A variety of options ensures the right enclosure for your needs. These pressure vessel enclosures are commonly used in a wide range of applications including MATE and Robosub ROVs, subsea batteries, cameras, electronics, data loggers, environmental monitoring, instrument housings, junction boxes, and more.

When used with the clear acrylic plastic tube option, it’s easy to see the components inside the enclosure, ideal for subsea development projects and open source projects. The aluminum tube option provides a greater depth rating, opaque appearance, and better thermal transfer for high power applications like power supply housings and battery housings.

A variety of end caps are available for the ends of the enclosure including an optically clear acrylic dome, optically clear flat end cap, and aluminum end caps with 0, 4, and 7 holes, making it easy to attach any of our products with M10 threads like cable penetrators and pressure sensors. We also provide the 2d and 3d files for the end caps, allowing you to design and create custom end caps out of flat material to produce fully customized enclosures for any application.


  • Affordable price with upgradable options
  • Interchangeable end caps
  • O-ring sealed flanges
  • Cast acrylic plastic tube rated to 150m depth
  • Aluminum tube rated to 400m depth
  • Aluminum end caps rated to 400m depth
  • Dome end cap rated to 900m depth
  • Inner mounting holes on CNC aluminum flange
  • Compatible with our cable penetrators

The enclosures are fully configurable through this page and are delivered unassembled.