High-efficiency AUV/ASV Thruster THR-100X

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100-watt high-efficiency thruster for use in autonomous surfaces vehicles (ASVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).
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Blue Trail Engineering’s THR-100X High-efficiency Thruster is a game-changing solution for small Autonomous Surface Vehicles or Autonomous Underwater Vehicles requiring low power draw, high performance, and extreme reliability in the harsh ocean environment.

The THR-100X is built around a Swiss Maxon DC brushless motor designed to produce high torque at low RPM. Because of this, no gearbox is required, yielding higher efficiency, lower noise, and greater reliability than geared thrusters.

The brushless motor is coupled to the propeller magnetically: a ring of magnets mounted on the motor transmits torque to a matching ring of magnets mounted to the propeller shaft. The two sets of magnets are separated by a solid barrier, eliminating any potential for leakage and eliminating the drag inherent in traditional shaft seals. Thrust loads are supported with a corrosion-free ceramic ball bearing on the propeller shaft, producing drastically lower drag and wear than plastic bearings.

The THR-100X is rated to 300 m depth. Its housing consists of hard-anodized aluminum and acetal components with dual O-rings for reliable sealing.

An efficient, durable, fiber-reinforced propeller with 8-inch diameter and 6-inch pitch is standard on the THR-100X, but other sizes are available. Contact Blue Trail Engineering for assistance with choosing a propeller to maximize performance in your particular application.

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Cobalt bulkhead connector, MCBH bulkhead connector