WetLink Penetrator Assembly Block


The tool holds the WetLink Penetrator bulkhead during assembly and is compatible with M06, M10, and M14 bulkhead sizes. It’s designed to fit in a vise or be bolted to a table. We recommend using it with the WetLink Plug Wrench.

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The WetLink Penetrator Assembly Block helps you assemble the WetLink Penetrator with ease by holding the bulkhead while the plug is tightened. It has three cavities to hold different sizes of bulkhead: M06, M10, and M14.

The assembly block is made from anodized aluminum and it’s designed to last for a long time!

We recommend using the assembly block with the WetLink Penetrator Plug Wrench, which is used to tighten the plug into the bulkhead.


1 x WetLink Assembly Block