Subconn Connector integration / tether separation


8-pin SubConn connection

Delivery time: 10 - 14 business days



The manufacturers’ standard configuration provides the tether leading directly into the electronics tube as a permanent installation. With growing cable length (up to 300m), this makes handling and transporting the vehicle more and more difficult.
One of the advantages of the Blue ROV2 is that it is relatively small, light and actually easy to handle. One person should be able to move the equipment and operate it alone.
But if the cable is permanently installed on the vehicle, and e.g. rolled up on the spool, this claim is no longer unrestricted.
That’s why we’ve defined an 8-pin SubConn connection, with the male plug directly connected to the electronics, and the female plug installed as tether termination. The pressure-resistant underwater plug guarantees the waterproof connection during operation, but can be easily detached for transport. In order not to unnecessarily increase the pull on the connector during operation, the tether is guided via a strain relief on the ROV frame.
We offer this supplement both as part of the initial assembly, as well as for subsequent optimization. It is recommended in every case, if a spool is used, as well as with cable lengths from 50m upwards.