Penetrator Wrench


Easily and securely tighten cable penetrators in tight quarters with this specially designed wrench!

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The cable penetrators have wrench flats that making tightening relatively easy, but when you pack a bunch of them together it gets more difficult. That’s particularly true with the 14-hole end-cap used on the BlueROV2. This specially designed wrench makes it easy to tighten penetrators in tight spaces.

The wrench is make a chrome-plated steel and includes a handle designed to apply just the right amount of torque to tighten the penetrator. The 16mm inside width works with all of our penetrators. This tool is a great addition to your field toolbox!

Note: We recommend tightening the penetrators with your fingers and then use this wrench to tighten just slightly past that point. When done, you should not be able to remove the penetrators by hand.

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