Ethernet and Power Cable (2 x 22 AWG, 4 x UTP 26 AWG)

13,33  per meter

This cable has separate wires for Ethernet and power transmission, making it a useful cable for many different types of underwater connections! Ethernet is unshielded 26 AWG twisted pairs and the power is thicker 22 AWG to handle high current applications. The tough polyurethane jacket makes it suitable for use underwater and with our WetLink Penetrator. Sold by the meter (3.3 ft) and cut to length when you order.

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This cable is for use in applications that require Ethernet and power over a single cable and is built specifically for use underwater. A polyurethane jacket with polypropylene-insulated 22 AWG conductors and FEP-insulated 26 AWG UTPs make for a rugged cable. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from IP cameras to sonars to sensors.

This cable is compatible with the WetLink Penetrator (WLP-M10-7.5MM-LC), making it quick and easy to build a complete cable rated to 950 meter depth.

Ethernet and Power Cable (2 conductor 22 AWG, 4 UTP 26 AWG) [Variable Length]