Dome End Cap (4″ Series)


Dome end cap for use on Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (4″ Series). Rated to 500m (1640 ft) water depth.

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This clear acrylic dome end cap is for use with the Watertight Enclosure for ROV/AUV (4″ Series). The dome shape reduces drag on your vehicle, and allows for extra room within the enclosure for additional electronics, sensors, or a camera! It has a wider field of view than that of a flat end cap. It’s optically clear and won’t warp or distort your footage.This dome as been extensively pressure tested in Blue Robotics` “Crushinator” high-pressure test chamber and is rated to 500m (1640 ft) water depth.Compared to our original 4″ Series dome, this dome has a new design with a separate dome and retaining ring, providing a robust and simple seal and installation.

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