Coax-Seal Moldable Sealant


This moldable sealing compound can be used to seal all kinds of connections quickly and effectively. It’s particularly useful for field repairs of cables and connections! Comes with the Cable Repair Kit.

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Coax Seal is a hand moldable, non-toxic, non-conductive plastic that adheres to most surfaces to form a watertight barrier. Don’t let the name confuse you! It was originally intended for waterproofing coaxial cable installations outside, but it works great on all sort of cables and connections. It stays flexible over time, is resistant to hot and cold temperatures, and forms a watertight seal with many cable jacket materials.

We spent quite a bit of time testing out this compound and trying different ways to apply it. When applied properly it can repair a damaged cable and save the day! Our best cable repair lasted to a full 1000m in the Crushinator!

Please note, we do recommend properly repairing any cable damage as soon as possible. Since the quality of the seal depends on the application, there is no official guarantee, but it works pretty well in our experience.

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