Basic ESC 500


This bidirectional speed controller is similar to our original Basic ESC, but suited for the high power requirements of the T500 Thruster, even when in a space with poor airflow and cooling, like inside an ROV enclosure. It is controlled with a standard servo PWM signal and comes with male bullet connects to solder to your thruster for an easy connection.

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The Basic ESC 500 is a high-power electronic speed controller (ESC) for three-phase brushless motor like Blue Robotics’ thrusters and motors. It has a 50A current rating suitable for both the T200 and T500 Thrusters and is suited to operate in poorly cooled installations, such as in an ROV enclosure.

Key Features
Simple, robust brushless electronic speed controller
Compact form factor
Forward/reverse rotation direction for forward/reverse thrust
High-efficiency, low-heat design optimized for minimal cooling environments
It comes with a male XT90 power connector and female 4.5mm bullet connectors to the thruster. It also includes a set of male 4.5mm bullet connectors to install on the thruster. To get started quickly with your thruster and ESC, we recommend the Thruster Commander, which provides the appropriate control signal and is easy to get started with!

1 x Basic ESC 500
3 x 4.5mm Male Bullet Connectors and Heatshrink
2 x Spade Terminals (for use with a barrier block, if needed)

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Dimensions 3,1 × 1,2 × 0,8 cm