Watertight Enclosure Tube (2″ Locking Series)

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Tubes for the 2″ Series Watertight Enclosure, available in a variety of lengths and in clear cast acrylic plastic and aluminum materials. These are the second generation of these tubes with precision machined O-ring interfaces, a locking cord, and anti-rotation feature. Rated to depths up to 950 meters.

If you’re looking for a complete underwater enclosure, check out the Watertight Enclosure Configuration page.

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These locking tubes are available in a variety of lengths and in both cast acrylic plastic and 6061-T6 aluminum. These tubes are a substantial upgrade over the first generation of watertight enclosure tubes.

Both the acrylic and aluminum tube options have precision machined O-ring interfaces at each end, ensuring a consistent and reliable fit with the sealing flange. A smooth surface finish ensures proper sealing between the O-ring flange and the tube. Also machined into the ends is a gland for a locking cord and a slot for cord insertion. You can read more about the locking feature and see a diagram of how it works on the main watertight enclosure product page.

The slot for cord insertion doubles as an anti-rotation feature, mating with a feature on the flange. This keeps the flange in a consistent orientation with the tube and prevents the user from rotating the flange and damaging anything inside the enclosure.

The tubes are available individually here, but you can configure a complete watertight enclosure from the watertight enclosure configuration page.

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Acrylic, 100mm, 450m, Acrylic, 150mm, 250m, Acrylic, 300mm, 150m, Aluminum, 100mm, 950m, Aluminum, 150mm, 950m, Aluminum, 300mm, 950m